Larry Nixon is the Webmaster of GoodPictures. Larry has had a half-century lovelarry affair with photography, both as a hobby and a business. He has studied photography at the University of Southern California, and has a diploma in Professional Photography from the School of Modern Photography.

Larry has had experience with various types of cameras, ranging from view cameras, movie cameras, medium format cameras, and 35mm cameras. After utilizing medium format cameras for weddings, he became an advocate of 35mm due to the ease of use and flexibility of the system. He had learned 35mm photography during the days when 35mm cameras were mostly used for color slide photography.

Larry became an early user of color negative film for 35mm when the Eastman Kodak Company began marketing “Ektacolor” color negative film in the 35mm format. He formerly shot 35mm color negative film, but has purchased a digital camera and is now enjoying the benefits of digital photography.

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