Fundamentals of Photography

What makes a good picture?

This is subjective and opinions vary as to what constitutes “good” pictures. If you like your pictures, then they are “good” in your opinion. You may not care how others feel about your pictures if you are satisfied with them. If you like your pictures, then they’re “good enough” as far as you’re concerned.

Have a definite purpose in mind

Actually, you do not really want photographs at all – you probably want memories – or perhaps documentation of an event – or maybe a photographic inventory or some other such record. You want photographs which have a purpose.

Do you have a purpose in mind each time you snap the shutter? Are your photos dull, or are they interesting? A definite purpose can make the difference.

Develop a creative “photo-eye”

Try to “see” things in a new way. Try to see things the way your camera sees them. Use your imagination and picture in your mind how the scene would look if it were framed as a small rectangle rather than a life-size scene. Keep in mind that a photograph depicts scenes in two dimensions, while we view them in three dimensions. Try to determine how you are going to make a two-dimensional photo appear to be three-dimensional to your viewers. This can be done through the arrangement of the elements in the scene and the creative use of depth-of-field (which areas are in or out of focus).

What did you see?

You saw something which made you want to take a picture. What was it? Whatever you saw, you wanted to record the scene as you saw it. When you show your pictures to others, you want them to see what you saw. Some people are disappointed when they view their pictures because they failed to record what originally motivated them to take the pictures in the first place. Use creative thinking to record the scene as you saw it.

Remember this – the camera can not think. It is simply an instrument which faithfully obeys your commands. It records whatever you place in front of it. Make sure the camera sees what you want it to see.

Here’s a question with a very simple answer –

The question – What is the difference between a good photographer and a poor photographer?

The simple answer- a poor photographer shows you all of his pictures! One of the handiest photo accessories is a wastebasket. Film is the cheapest thing you have, so take lots of photos to guarantee that you get some good ones.

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