Is Film Photography Dead?

by Larry Nixon Paul Simon sang “Don’t take my Kodachrome away.” Well, Kodak has done just that – they have taken Kodachrome away! Kodachrome film first hit the photography market in 1936 and on June 22, 2009, Kodak officially retired Kodachrome color transparency film. Kodachrome built the color slide industry, and many 35mm cameras were […]

Nature Photography

It’s a big world out there, and it’s all yours for the taking (in pictures, that is). Nature photos include scenery such as mountains, lakes, rivers, trees, as well as flowers and animal life. We will be adding content to this page soon. Check back to keep up to date with our progress.  

Photographic Composition

[ This page won the Los Angeles Times Launch Point Award ] “Composition” refers to the way you arrange or “compose” the objects which will appear in your finished photograph. Most camera users are not really photographers – they are “snapshooters” who just “point and shoot” without really giving much thought to achieving a pre-determined […]

How to Get Correct Exposure

No Light = No Picture. This is a basic rule which, unfortunately, many photographers have not learned. By “exposure” we are referring to the amount of light which strikes the film while taking a picture. In order to get an acceptable picture, the film must be properly exposed. There are three factors involved in exposure: […]

Fundamentals of Photography

What makes a good picture? This is subjective and opinions vary as to what constitutes “good” pictures. If you like your pictures, then they are “good” in your opinion. You may not care how others feel about your pictures if you are satisfied with them. If you like your pictures, then they’re “good enough” as […]

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